• Страна: нет данных
  • Город: нет данных
  • Возраст: 28
  • Рост: 173
  • Вес: 65
  • Волосы: Рыжие
  • Глаза: Зеленые
  • Этническое происхождение: Европейское/Кавказское
  • Языки: Английский
  • Интимная стрижка: Бритая
  • Размер груди: Большая
  • Ориентация: Бисексуал
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You can find me on TWITTER too now!!! Follow me on Badgirl_Allie :) https://twitter.com/Badgirl_Allie

Что не нравится:
What turns me off?? When you dont behave in my room.. So please, keep this rules in your mind ;) : TALK!! - you come to CHAT site to have fun. That means, you have to TALK!! ..and for me, have full room of quiet people, is damn boring :) So everybody who just stare and doesnt say even hello, will be BANNED!! - BEHAVE!!! Dont be rude to me or to other members - DONT BEG!!! Chatting and having fun can everyone for free :) But if u want to see something ASK me first if i do that and then TIP!! Every beggar, will be BANNED immed, without warning!! -DO NOT DEMAND!! If u want see something, i do requests for 50 tokens tip. Of course, ask me first if i do your kind of requests ;) - TALK ONLY ENGLISH in my room!!! Think now it s all clear for u :) If u break any of this rules, you will be KICKED out of my room. So enjoy enjoy chatting and have fun :*

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