• Страна: нет данных
  • Город: Laguna Beach
  • Возраст: 27
  • Рост: 165
  • Вес: 59
  • Волосы: Темные
  • Глаза: Зеленые
  • Этническое происхождение: Европейское/Кавказское
  • Языки: Английский
  • Интимная стрижка: Волосатая
  • Размер груди: Маленькая
  • Ориентация: Традиционная
Обо мне:
one freaky ass Attractive Rockstar All-American couple,tryna break the mold

Что нравится:
Jill loves to get dominated, fantasy, role play, hairy pussy played with and fucked, sexy high arched feet catered too and fucked and licked and worshipped ,tied up, blindfolded, all holes filled with jack's dick and other dildos or objects , creampied, glory holed,dominate jack, although she likes to be dominated a bit more, super nasty kinky fantasies, getting guys ,girls and couples off when jack is either tied up or just watching, or even private shows when he's gone, jill has a problem when she's left alone at home and get's bored and loves attention and to be naughty and fullfill fantasies to guys that give her attention since jack works so much :)she does love her fiancé Jack though so much , mainly his big cock ;) haha and also she loves that jack loves her hairy pussy and her perfectly shaped high arched feet since he has a hairy pussy fetish and strong foot fetish...it turns jill on and they love teasing people at the pool by asking guys to rub lotion on her legs as she lets some of her hair peak out her bikini and watching their cocks get hard and they end up running to the bathroom where jack sends jill to go chase them and suck them off or pull down her bikini and let them lick her hairy pussy and then fuck the **** out of her...basically Jack and Jill Von D are one bad ass-anything goes rockstar couple!!! #hairypussy #naturalcaligirl #footfetish #sexyfeet #higharches

Что не нравится:
lol....yet to find anything... :))

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