• Страна: нет данных
  • Город: нет данных
  • Возраст: 29
  • Рост: 165
  • Вес: 59
  • Волосы: Рыжие
  • Глаза: Голубые
  • Этническое происхождение: Европейское/Кавказское
  • Языки: Английский
  • Интимная стрижка: Бритая
  • Размер груди: Средняя
  • Ориентация: Бисексуал
Обо мне:
Nice and charming women who loves to make your fantasies come true.

Что нравится:
Usually my attitude in free its a friendly one so one of my big turns on are polite people. Cam2cam turns me on because its more exciting for me when I can see the man behind the screen, his body, and his eyes when he sees me completely naked. I love to see how horny you get in the moment you explode with pleasure and it’s a rush to know it’s all for me. As I said in the beginning I enjoy smart guys who do not want to waste time (my time, and their time). I like men who know what they want me to do. Communication is the key! If u do not know what you want I cannot read your mind and there will be no way to make you happy. I love erotic and intellectual conversations. I love life’s contrasts and though I am younger and small I adore mature men no matter the age. I also like gifts because I am here to work and its nice to have inspiration to please you which is always my mission. Nothing in life is free, you pay for pleasure with me. This is my job so generosity is always appreciated! I do not like to be rushed by guys. If you have a small account balance please do not expect much pleasure because I am a woman not a robot and things take time. I love to spend time with you guys and we would both be wasting our time trying to rush things so please don’t. If you don’t rush I promise i will try to make you happy despite your time or money situation.

Что не нравится:
Rude guys are a major turn off. It is not hard to say “hello” or “goodbye” so I see little excuse for forgetting and this behavior does not make me fond of you. If you are polite to me I will give you the same courtesy and we will have fun together no matter what we choose to do.

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